Stuff We Like

This is a random collection of non-dietary stuff that we have found useful at one point or another:



One-legged Stool – (near the bottom of the page) Requires the child to sit upright and keep both feet on the floor. Good for both the squirmy types, as well as those with low muscle tone.

Balance Board – Can hold an adult’s weight, will not tip forward or backwards.

Yoga with Phonics – Turn an alphabet obsession into a physical therapy session.

Teach 2 Talk – DVD modeling of social skills. Good for those with heavy echolalia of what they see on TV.

Vision Builder software – Excellent for strengthening convergence and visual tracking muscles. Requires an optometrist’s authorization to purchase.

Weighted Blankets – The only vendor with an option to use non-toxic river stone instead of plastic poly beads, which can off-gas. Huge selection of fabrics.



Sandwich-Stacking Game – Huge pieces with velcro, comes with 25+ games for both gross motor and verbal/social skills

Spot It Jr. – Visual discrimination and matching

Face Matching Game – Standard memory game, but with kids’ faces

Little Hands Card Holder – for kids without the fine motor skills to hold a hand of cards

Tell Me a Story – Card set to help with beginning-middle-end, story recall, and creativity

Scribble and Write – Good for fine motor and letter formation, several fun games to hold interest


Kitchen Tools

Pickl-It jars – Special airlock lid system prevents the buildup of oxygen inside the jar, which creates a superior fermentation environment.

Hamburger Bun pan – Says it’s for “muffin tops,” but that’s not what anyone uses it for. The buns can double as sandwich bread too.

10-cup Food Processor – Necessary for homemade granola, good for other stuff too

Immersion Blender – Necessary for making mayonnaise, good for other stuff too

Vitamix – Basically a lawnmower with a plastic cup molded around it. Can liquefy even raw vegetables.


Other Stuff

Laptop Lunches – Makes fresh food look as cool and appetizing as those cartoony packages their friends’ processed food comes in.

Safety Bracelets – Good for runners/wanderers, as well as a reminder of food allergies to caretakers.

Azure Standard – Organic and natural foods co-op, save a lot of money if you buy organic produce in bulk



Changing the Course of Autism – Highly technical; this is the one you give to your pediatrician when they question what you’re doing

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics – More accessible reading for the average parent

Autism: Have We Done Everything We Can for This Child? – by Dr. Sidney Baker, the grandfather of biomedical treatment

Breaking the Vicious Cycle – Original book detailing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Gut and Psychology Syndrome – explains the GAPS diet, which is based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Includes more thorough information on probiotics and the medical basis of the dietary rules.